Breast Projection

Posted By on Jun 21, 2011 |

The projection of a female breast is measure by its profile, from the chest to the nipple. The other way a breast is measured is by width when facing the torso, and by overall volume. For the purposes of affordable breast augmentation, breast projection is a key aspect of what women should consider when choosing implants. The projection of the female breast is the first aspect of the female body to change with age and with nursing children.

Projection is firmness, suppleness, and a great indicator of sex appeal when it comes to the appearance of a woman’s body and the female breasts. Cosmetic surgery is charged with improving the form of the patient and a great part of the breast implants process deals with breast projection. Age makes the flesh softer. Wrinkles are more pronounced. Forms change. What affordable breast augmentation accomplishes is making the breasts larger but also firmer by stretching the skin with the implants to make everything fuller. Breast projection is a big beneficiary of this process.

Women considering breast implants should inquire about projection and overall size of their affordable breast implants after thinking carefully about the look they desire and the body they have. Speaking with your plastic surgeon will help move you along the process and ensure your surgery is a successful one and your expectations are met.